Book Summary

The story of Bertha’s Son is one of deception, seduction, and rape, with the impregnation of a virgin named Albertha. Albertha still lived with her mom, Clara, who was mourning her husband Charles’ recent death. Cyril, the unborn child’s father, disappeared after his despicable act, leaving his son Joseph abandoned.


1. “Daddy, I would like to go to school. Please give me a pair of yachting shoes (sneakers). He turned to me and said, I cannot give you yachting shoes. I went to school barefooted in the Northwest District of British Guyana and you can do so too. Bertha broke down in tears and left. When I saw my mother crying, I began to cry too.”
2. “I studied very hard and took the examination on the only chance I had to do so and I was successful. Because of my hard work and perseverance, I was given a partial scholarship to attend one of the best high schools at that time named Progressive High School.”
3. “Life was never easy for me but despite serious struggles, I am here to let you know how Bertha’s son survived.”

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